Dissected Frogs Never Looked So Cute!

When I was in high school, biology was my least favorite subject. I always thought dissecting animals was completely gross, and I felt so bad for them. Somehow their lives ended just so they could lay helpless in that cold metal tray awaiting to be disrespectfully cut up and studied.

Maybe that is why I was so drawn to this knitted art. Now this is the kind of dissection I think is fun! Through the art of knitting, CraftyHedgehog dissects frogs, rats, fetal pigs, bunnies and alligators. These are cute and creative.

You can check out the full collection on Etsy. If you buy one of these, it even comes pinned down in the pan like you see below, just like in biology class. How precious is that? Hmm… I wonder if it also comes with the smell of formaldehyde. Nice job!

[Image Source: Amusing Planet]