Your Daily Cute: Get Schooled By Some Needle Felted Owls

Needle felting is becoming more and more popular, and looking at these little owls, I can see why. These are definitely the cutest little things I’ve seen all week. This collection is called “In the schoolyard,” and as you see, there are needle felted teachers, students, a headmaster and even a bully in these pictures (okay, the bully isn’t actually needle felted).

These were created by Etsy member Lauren Bradshaw who has been needle felting birds since 2007. She originally made these to be cake toppers, but I can think of so many other ways to display them. This fall collection of owls just went on sale yesterday, and you can check them out yourself in Lauren’s Etsy store.

You can also learn more about Lauren on her blog, Lauren Alane. Her collection from the summer was just as precious. Check out these little summertime owls in inner tubes. I think it would even be neat to put a little hook on each one and decorate an entire Christmas tree with these little owls. Hoo Hoo’s with me on that? (I couldn’t resist) I just want to reach out and pinch their cheeks. Wait, do owls have cheeks? Hmm…

Class Portrait
Your Daily Cute Felt Birdies

Teacher Conference
Your Daily Cute Felt Birdies

A Bully On The Playground
Your Daily Cute Felt Birdies

Everyone Say Cheese
Your Daily Cute Felt Birdies

The School Headmaster
Your Daily Cute Felt Birdies

Via: [My Modern Met]