DIY Desk Project: Make A Catapult Trap With Office Supplies

Do you work in a cubicle? I’ve never done that before, and I have such respect for people who have to sit in that little space all day long. If you are able to stay creative and knock things off your to-do list while existing between those little walls, you should get the employee-of-the-year award. Really!

Some people are always looking for ways to spice up the time they spend in their cubicle, and if I worked in a cubicle, I’d probably do that too. I’d have mine decorated like a beach, a movie scene or maybe a place I wanted to visit. The guy in this picture made his cubicle look like a gorgeous mahogany study.

Another thing that would be fun to do from the confines of a cubicle is build cool things out of stuff in the desk drawers. Nighthawkinlight came up with a tutorial for how to make a catapult trap with office supplies. After watching the video, I think this would be a lot of fun to make, and it would definitely kill an hour in the cubicle.

You’ll need a 1 large eraser, 3 paper clips, 1 popsicle stick, 1 spring (steal this from the inside of your co-worker’s stapler), 1 Chapstick cap, hot glue, strong scissors, pliers and some string or dental floss. The neat part is, this is small enough to fit in your pocket so you can take it home. When your family asks what you did at work, you can whip it out and have some fun!

Office Pranks WIth DIY Catapult

Office Pranks With DIY Catapult

Via: [WonderHowTo]