DIY Graffiti!

Do it yourself Graffiti? Yes, now you can create your own Graffiti online via The Graffiti Creator, its a Flash application that allow you to make your own graffiti-styled logotypes. Simply type in a word and outcomes a designed font  ready for you to modify into beautiful art. Use different tools to enhance your logotype to make it really special and unique.

I did three examples below and it was not so hard.  It also has several ways to create the look that you want.  The tool allows you 2 options.  One is to save it and one is to print the design you made.  What is great about the site is that it enables you to view and rate some of the designs made by members of the community.  Do an awesome design and join the Battle Master.  Join up and compete against other artists for the title of Battle Master. Each month they hold a new contest, your job is to create a graffiti
piece of the word that they announce.  Who knows YOU can be one of the winners.