DIY Last Minute Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Usually over the holidays, I block out a chunk of several hours to wrap all the gifts I bought for my loved ones during this season. During that time, I sit on the floor, and there is tape, wrapping paper, scissors, gift tags, ribbon, bows and of course, a couple of chilled beers scattered everywhere. It’s a tradition I look forward to, and I sing Christmas carols along with the radio during the whole crazy extravaganza.

There is nothing more frustrating during that time than to run out of wrapping paper though. It’s happened to me before, and having to run out to the store to buy more during the traffic and shopping rush is a real drag. At the same time, I don’t have room to store extra Christmas wrapping paper throughout the year, so I try to only buy what I need.

I found this great little chart created by Yumi at WonderHowTo. There are a lot of ideas on here if you run out of wrapping paper at the last minute. As a matter of fact, I would choose to use some of these wrapping methods instead of traditional wrapping paper! In addition to these, you can also wrap gifts in a scarf or towel. Grabbing that old map out of your car or using the cover of a magazine can be a really creative way to wrap a gift too. If you’d like even more ideas, click over to 28 Beautiful Gift Wrapping Ideas To Try and 12 Gift Wrapping Ideas You’ll Want To Steal. I love this kind of stuff! It makes me feel all jolly and happy.

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Last Minute Holiday Wrap Ideas