DNA11- A Tech Company Converts Your DNA Into Personalized Art

The world is evident to some of the greatest, fabulous, and spectacular discoveries one can ever think of. The power of technology is unstoppable, and one such tech power was seen in the year 2005 when the world got the sights of a company that can turn your DNA sample into personalized artwork.

DNA11, a company started as a creative endeavor by two friends, Nazim Ahmed and Adrian Salamunovic beautifully demonstrates art and science. It happened accidentally, as said by Nazim, “I was working for a California-based biotech company, and was going through some of the templates of DNA images. Adrian found it more like an art. I then took some of these samples of our DNA to a lab and created images. We printed them on canvas and hung them. Over time, people started asking us to make portraits for them”.

Its unique beauty attracted the crowd, and soon after seven years of initiation, the company works with 80 employees, completing thousands of one-of-kind art pieces. Their wide range of portraits includes personalized DNA portraits, fingerprint Portraits, and Kiss Portraits.

But getting deep into DNA art, one should know about DNA.

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What Is DNA?

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the genetic information found inside every cell in your body. It is unique to you. one of the complex molecules that contain all of the information necessary to build and maintain an organism. All living things have DNA within their cells. Nearly every cell in a multicellular organism possesses the full set of DNA required for that organism.

These DNA’s are found inside the chromosomes, which are made up of millions of genes inherited from each parent. These genes are responsible for your body and cells working on what to behave according to your unique genetic makeup. It serves as the primary unit of heredity in organisms of all types.

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From DNA To A DNA Art – Behind The Scenes

DNA art is carried out by different scientific companies which are specialized in this form of art. DNA 11 is one of the world’s only companies that create DNA art. They provide a collection/swab kit that contains all the required instructions to use and easy to use materials that take only a fraction of seconds.

It is effortless and, at the same time, painless too. Along with this, the kit also includes color sample swatches for selecting your choice of color and an envelope for sending back your sample. The only thing customers are asked to do is swab the inside of the cheek, collect the sample, attach it with the kit, and mail it back to the company.

The tough part is to select your interest in color, size, font, style, and frame form limitless color combinations provided by the company. To ease the process, DNA11 provides 16 custom color options in the swatches included in your kit. But the real process takes place inside their high-tech lab.

To print the unique portraits, the company first isolates the DNAs through DNA isolation from the received samples.  DNA 11 labs are highly dedicated to genome and artwork. By this process, the company can extract the DNA and purify it by performing some chemical or biological operations. A team of 8 different workers analyze the sample and amplify your DNA, resulting in thousands of identical copies from your purified sample.

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These copies are replicated using a gel/dyes, and all of your separate strands of DNA move through the gel according to size. The electrical current is passed through the gel to help the DNA pieces move to their final place. The smaller-sized pieces run through the gel at a much faster rate than the larger pieces, and this is what makes up the unique pattern of your DNA art.

As soon as their movement in grid finishes, they are set in place. This process creates a unique DNA pattern and, as a result, DNA art. The resultant piece of art is beautiful and a visual representation of you and the genetic material you are made of.

DNA 11 provides you Unlimited options to make your art piece even more customized by offering millions of pre-configured color options beyond your imagination. It comes with different size options according to the walls as well as budgets. It also gives you an opportunity to combine multiple people’s DNA in a single canvas. If you want your portrait framed, they provide various canvas wrap borders, a black-white, or espresso wooden frame.

With this, they provide features of kiss portraits and fingerprint portraits too. The only requirements in both of the above portraits are lipstick samples for kiss portraits, while an ink pad kit is used in case of fingerprint portraits.

The affordability of these portraits is quite budget-friendly, ranging from $199 to $1000. These prices are common for all kinds of portraits, whether practical or monotonous. Along with this, they provide you options to put up your signature on the portraits. The personalized signature portraits add extra beauty and uniqueness to the portraits.

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