Do You Want To Create Your Own Animation?

User-generated content is powerful, allows you to share your thoughts and feelings, allows you to showcase your creativity.  With the boom of social networking platforms, people are now empowered to speak their minds to so many audience whether to their circle of friends and family or to the world.  People also love sharing and watching video content.  What if you want to do a video yet, you do not know how?  Now you can with Memoov.

Meemov is an online tool that allows you to create a video.  What is great about it is that you can personalize everything,  write your own script and animate the story.

Feature :   Memoov is offering a unique set of Online Animation tools, including Character personalization,  Audio recording online, and a great timeline-based easy to use Animation method.  Their state of the art Video generation app and the YouTube synchronization service providing a whole new video creation and sharing experience.

They  are offering an open content development platform, enabling Animators and  Designers to create and upload their own Figures, Backgrounds and Objects that later  will be used in user generated videos, ensuring that new content is generated and added easily and its for Free!

Included an example of an animated video created on Memoov.

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