Doily Webs: Beach Artwork Never Looked So Beautiful

When my studio was located elsewhere a few years ago, I used to take my Inlines and go for a trip down to the shore in the middle of the night during the summers. At around 3am I laced my wheels onto my feet and got myself some morning inspiration. The road was kissing the shoreline and the concrete was super smooth so it always made me enormously energized just floating along with it. Every once in a while there was a beach shooting out from the shore and when the sun hit the sand it sparkled like a billion stars had dropped from the sky onto this one beach, one at a time.

I would call that the art of mother nature, but NeSpoon has come up with her own way of beautifying the beach (Oak Beach, Poland) where she lives. Every summer she busts out different kinds of art onto her surroundings, but this summer, she brought her art to the beach. With fantastic creativity and a bright visual understanding of sea wood, she manages to create spider webs out of her doily.

Visitors that came to the beach were all amazed and stayed for hours to admire the creations. She has such a brilliant imagination that I encourage anyone to visit her site. It’s totally jam packed with inspiration and beautification. I wish there were more creative people like this around where I live. Wouldn’t it be absolutely awesome to walk out into a sea of personalization and creativity? I mean, sometimes concrete and cars just don’t do it for me. Now that I think about it, they never do.