Don’t Just Polish Your Nails – Geekify Them

One of the best ways for women and even men to relax is to get their nails manicured a few times each month. In addition to being relaxing, maintaining well groomed and clean fingernails says something about you. Well groomed nails, whether they are polished or not, will tell another person that you know how to take care of yourself, and that you are a neat person. When I was in Manila, I would spend every other weekend with my brother and sister at a nail spa. Now that I have moved to the States, I am lucky to have found a place that can do my nails. When I don’t have time to go, I do it myself. There are so many fast drying nail polishes and nail art kits available in drugstore.

Nail art is fun, but it can be very time consuming. You must truly be patient and have steady hands. I truly admire those who can create such works of art on such a small canvas. I tried having it done once, and it took an hour and a half for the manicurist to do the art on all ten fingernails. However, I still believe it was worth the wait. Another reason to have your nails done this way is because it will allow you to be unique. Being fashion forward isn’t just about your dress and your shoes. Why not extend it to your nails? For us geek girls, I found some inspirations for our nails too. These will definitely bring out the geek in you!

Super Mario Inspired Nail Art

Browser Inspired Nail Art

Browser Inspired Nail Art

adobe icon inspired nail art

social media icon inspired nails

Image Credits: [Geekologie] [Mamipeko] [Asiajin] [Nail Art Gallery]