Double Lego Cupcakes To Make Your Inner Geek Smile

Who doesn’t love chocolate and Lego? That’s what I’m sayin! This is a topic I couldn’t wait to write about today. We’ve featured chocolate Lego bricks before, but this takes that whole concept to a new level. Are you wondering what makes these qualify as double Lego cupcakes? It’s because anyone can put a chocolate Lego brick on top of a cupcake and call it a Lego cupcake. These are different.

Vicky from Stasty decided to raise the bar and take the standard Lego cupcake to a new place. She made these cupcakes so that they each have a colorful piece of Lego shaped deliciousness hidden inside. When you cut the cupcake in half, you can see the Lego in the middle.

This is such a creative idea, and it makes me want to stop what I’m doing to go bake some right now. If you’d like to make some of these for yourself, I have great news for you. Vicky posted her recipe and directions for making the cupcakes, the chocolate Lego pieces for the top and the Lego cake inserts for the cupcakes on her blog. Just click over to Double Lego Cupcakes for all the DIY deliciousness. I can’t imagine a better birthday gift than to give a friend a big box of Lego and some Lego cupcakes. That would complete a whole afternoon of fun!




Via: [Craft]