Eyes That Tell Stories: A Creative Look At Famous Eyes

If you are like a lot of people online, you are skeptical about whether or not these photographs below are of real eyes. It almost looks like detailed artwork created with some sort of colored powder, like makeup maybe. However, I can assure you these are real eyes. If you click over into this post featuring the eye photography of Suren Manvelyan, you’ll see that although it’s taken from a different perspective, this is what our eyes actually look like. It’s truly spectacular. It’s hard to believe that one small part of our body is full of so much magic and mystery.

It turns out that they eyes in the collection below called Eyes That Tell Stories aren’t just any eyes. They are the eyes of famous people including a well-known chef, an Olympic swimmer, a filmmaker and a popular radio DJ. This exhibition is by the Singapore Eye Research Institute to create awareness about eye research. Did you know that every minute a child goes blind? 80% of all blindness is avoidable.

You can see more of these photographs and get the names of the famous people on Behance, you can learn more about this project on the Singapore Eye Research Institute website, and there are even more interesting eye photos on the Eyes That Tell Stories flickr. If you only glance quickly, these photographs below look very similar. If you take a closer look though, you’ll see they are as different and unique as the people they belong to. It makes me want to get a magnifying glass and explore my own eyes.

Close Up Famous Eye Photographs

Famous Close Up Eye Photographs

Famous People Eye Photographs

Famous People Eye Photographs

Famous People Eye Photographs

This image isn’t part of the collection, but it just so cool. I found this on Maniac World.
Close Up Eye Image

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