Fingerprint Art: The Fingerprints On Gadgets Take An Adventure

Do the fingerprints that accumulate on your smartphone and other gadgets annoy you? They annoy the heck out of me. I find myself wiping my iPhone clean constantly throughout the day because I don’t like that smudged look. It just seems so dirty to me. Ever since I wrote about germs on our gadgets in Tech Germs: Our Gadgets Are Disgustingly Dirty, it’s freaked me out a little.

Artist Ingrid Aspock is also annoyed by her fingerprints that get all over her gadgets, especially her new iPad. She’s taken a unique approach to it all though. She’s decided to embrace those fingerprints and give them a life of their own.

According to Behance, “Inspite of being annoyed by them, I find them quite charming as they give this fancy technical device a human touch.” In her collection of fingerprint art, the index finger is the star. He navigates this touchscreen like a pro. All of his fellow fingerprints are right there supporting him as they take an adorable adventure together, right on the screen of her iPad. You can purchase any of Ingrid’s fingerprint art on Society6 in the form of prints, cards, iPhone cases and skins. I may never think of fingerprints the same way again. If the fingerprints on my iPhone were this cute, I would have trouble wiping them off.

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Via: [My Modern Met]