Hugs For Peace: Pop Culture Enemies Hug [Illustrations]

It’s group hug time! Everybody get in. If you have kids who like to watch violent shows on television, and if they can’t possibly imagine two fierce enemies hugging and becoming friends, show them these pictures. It will change their minds. In this inspiring collection, artist Ingrid Aspock illustrates how with a little patience, kindness and compassion, we can all put our differences aside and become friends, in the name of peace.

Below you’ll see Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, Ronald McDonald and the Burger King, Captain Hook and the crocodile and others embracing in a friendly hug. Who is the guy in the image with the bloody eyeball and martini glass? I can’t figure that one out. The shark image is especially well done. That guy looks exactly like the guy in Jaws.

So if the world’s troubles ever start to get you down, and if you need a quick reminder that peace is possible and even the most arch enemies can makeup if both sides are willing to try, just look at these fun pencil drawings and smile. They represent hope and creativity. You can learn more about Ingrid by visiting his website or clicking over to Behance.

Ronald McDonald Hugs Burger King

Darth Vader Luke Skywalker Hugs

Captain Hook Crocodile Hugging

Jaws Shark Human Hugs

Chef and Chicken Hug

Shark and Human Being Hug

Via: [Thaeger]