Food Fashion: Dresses Created From Bananas & Mushrooms

Have you noticed a trend lately that combines food and fashion? A while back I wrote an article about a couple of designers who asked five models what they were craving at that moment. Whatever they said, the designers created clothes for them to wear out of that food. It was really interesting to see a dress made out of bread and shorts made out of pasta. You can check that out yourself here.

Today, we are featuring a similar type of food fashion; only this time it’s the designs of Sung Yeonju. She created this series of clothes called “Wearable Foods.” Of course, the word “wearable” is a contradictory term when referring to this type of fashion since they aren’t wearable at all. As a matter of fact, most of these foods will spoil in short order.

With that being said, I would like to see these creations even after the foods have spoiled. Aside from smelling rotten, I’m sure it might even make them look more interesting. I have a question though. Why do designers always make food clothes out of foods that aren’t very much fun? I mean, how wild and crazy can you get with a mushroom or an eggplant? I want to see someone create something like a dress out of pop-tarts or chocolate milk. Now that would be something! Lady Gaga, eat your heart out (err… or eat your meat dress out!).

Bubble Gum





Winter Mushroom

Lotus Root


[via Wonder How To]