For Trendy Geeks: A Sleek New Minimalist Mouse Design

I remember even just as recently as five years ago, almost nobody was getting creative with computer mouse design. We all had a standard mouse, and nobody really questioned it. It’s just the way it was.

However, these days, things are much different. Designers are catering to our creative side and almost every part of our computer is available in different designs. We’ve seen monitors with pen and pencil holders built in on the side, keyboards in unusual shapes, and even computer mice in fun colors and shapes.

This particular mouse caught my attention because of the design. I have good news and bad news about this mouse. The good news is that it will appeal to trendy geeks. It’s sleek and sophisticated looking. It’s called the Dadam Riplus mouse, and it’s entire body is made from transparent glass. All of the technical aspects of the mouse are enclosed in that black cross. It also lights up to add style to your desk on those late nights when you’re working in the dark.

Ok, now the bad news. Apparently that’s it. There is no fancy technology, no touchscreen and no ability to scroll. Hmm… that seems a bit strange, doesn’t it? Either way, apparently this mouse was a hit at the CES earlier this month. I guess that just proves that if you look good, you can get away with not being quite so smart, right? It kind of looks like an old school video game controller, doesn’t it? If I saw this in the store for a few bucks, I’d still buy it. But then again, I’m a sucker for sleek designs.

Via: [Aving]