For Your Inspiration | Creative T-Shirt Designs

Since I wear business suits so much during the week, I really enjoy coming home and putting on some sweatpants and a fun t-shirt at the end of the workday. I have about 150 t-shirts in my wardrobe.

I’m one of those people that still wears t-shirts from twenty years ago. I still have the t-shirt from my very first rock concert ever, when I went to see Bon Jovi. I also have all the t-shirts from my Boy George phase in 7th grade, yep, it’s true.

Wouldn’t it be a blast to make creative t-shirts? After having fun with this Smashing Magazine post about t-shirt design tutorials, I decided to find some creative t-shirt designs to share with you. These shirts below are all ubber creative and so much fun. I especially like the big breast t-shirt. Forget going under the knife for cleavage, just wear this shirt (of course this is a Japanese design).

This video, just released on YouTube two days ago, has gone nuts with over 200,000 views. If you are a geek and you want to read the technical details about how they made this (which is quite fascinating), just double click on the video below and it will redirect you to YouTube where you can read the explanation. Very cool!

Thank you to you both for the great photos!