Geek Girl Jewelry – The Ring with a Hidden Message

Some people think that if you are a girl and a geek, you don’t like jewelry. This is a popular misconception and since I’m a geek (and a girl) I can promise you that we still like jewelry. However, we like jewelry with a twist. It has to be special and unique for us to truly appreciate it.

A few weeks ago, Richard wrote about a piece of jewelry that any geeky girl would like to have. It’s an MP3 player that doubles as an earring. You can read about it here. I’m about to show you another piece of geek girl jewelry that I think is so cool. It is much simpler than the MP3 earring, and that simplicity is one of the things that makes it so special. It is called the “Inner Message Ring” and it’s designed by Korean artist Jungyun Yoon.

This sterling silver ring will imprint a message on your finger, so when you take it off, the message will be there for you to see. The ring comes with your choice of two messages: “Marry Me” or “Always.” Mr. Yoon was inspired to create this ring after hearing a song about a girl that found a mark from a suntan after taking off her ex-lover’s ring. We’ve all done that, right ladies? We’ve taken off a ring to discover that it’s left a mark on our finger. That mark is like a tattoo because sometimes it feels like it will never go away.

Nobody will see the message until you take the ring off. It’s like carrying around a romantic secret. What a unique way to show the woman you love how special she is. You can purchase this ring here for only $99.