Bright Souvenir Magnetic Products Directly Related To Clothing Can Be Used For Promotional Purposes

A souvenir magnet, which is attached to clothes, is quite a popular advertising accessory. Custom clothing magnets are not only a souvenir that can be purchased, but also an excellent design solution that will fit perfectly into any clothing.

Thanks to this, every time you go out, a beautiful magnet will remind you of a beautiful trip or fulfill a promotional mission. Magnets are made from environmentally friendly materials and use the latest technologies. You can order custom magnets of almost any shape, style, and motif.

These magnets can be single-layer or multi-layer.

Bright souvenir magnetic products directly related clothing used promotional purposes


Today, Clothing Magnets Are One Of The Most Popular And Original Promotional And Gift Products

When thinking about buying a souvenir, the first thing that comes to mind is clothing magnets. Souvenir magnets remind you of holidays, vacations, and other fun events in your life.

Once they collected stamps and diaries, after returning from a trip or business trip, people actively collect and wear bright souvenir clothing magnets on their clothes. Some people like clothing magnets so much that they have a whole collection of different magnets, different shapes, and different images.

As a rule, clothing magnets have laser engraving. The process of manufacturing such magnets is done manually, using special tools and appropriate materials. You can order clothing magnets with your designs and symbols for choosing magnets from the catalog at retail or wholesale prices.

You can find wooden souvenir magnets and badges with photos of various landmarks. Their activities cover the whole country. You can easily order souvenir clothing magnets with delivery anywhere. For more detailed information about the delivery of souvenir clothing magnets to your city, contact the site administrators for help.

Their experienced representatives provide information on price, date of manufacture, and other important details related to clothing magnets. They will answer all your questions on this topic. The bonus program is available for large and regular customers.

Souvenir Clothing Magnets Are A Smart And Effective Advertising And Marketing Tool

In the magnet collection, you will find a wide selection of gift clothing magnets. Bright clothing magnets are details that perfectly complement every advertisement and make it even more original and attractive. Many people will surely pay attention to this type of advertisement.

These strategic marketing tools can significantly increase sales. Magnets are not only useful accessories for placing images on the refrigerator but also an effective advertising tool.

Advertising souvenir clothing magnets are always visible and always attract attention. They can be attached to any surface of your clothing. Magnets are easy to use, if necessary, they can be removed or moved.

Unlike other stickers, gift clothing magnets do not damage the surface of your clothes and do not require special tools for attachment.

Souvenir clothing magnets always attract the attention of friends and acquaintances who visit your home, as well as potential customers who may become regular customers in the future. When using a souvenir clothing magnet with a company logo, the effectiveness of spreading information increases many times.

If you travel to cultural and historical corners or go abroad in search of new experiences, you want to take not only photos but also have something to remember.

In many cases, it becomes a souvenir magnet that you hang on the refrigerator door or on your clothes to remember the good times.

If the birthday person wants to give each guest a small gift as a sign of respect and gratitude, it is customary to give such souvenirs on a birthday.

What Are The Types Of Magnets?

An original souvenir will be a pleasant surprise for your colleagues, friends, and guests at work because it is a manifestation of friendship and respect. Products are produced in different forms and from different materials.

They are available in various sizes, made of natural and artificial materials (wood, acrylic), etc. But if you want to order or buy a gift package for an employee as a thank you or an official announcement, you need to make an individual order.

Souvenir magnets are made of the following materials: Vinyl is one of the most commonly used materials for making souvenirs. The basis of the production of the product is a laminated magnet, from which the master emits an image from the outside.

Images can be collages with any motif (city, animals, season) or nature. The product adheres very well to metal surfaces. Do not store magnets in the sun, as direct UV radiation can cause burns.

Acrylic souvenir magnets. Such a magnet has the appearance of a transparent frame in which you can place a photo or a certain drawing. The product comes with a vinyl magnet that can be attached to the refrigerator door.

The simple and laconic design of the magnet looks interesting and attractive. Magnets made of wood and plywood. Recently, it has become popular as a freely expressed material of an original form. Images are applied to prepared surfaces using various laser engraving and compression techniques.

This material retains its qualities for a long time and looks quite organic on the metal surface. Ceramic magnets. These souvenirs are mainly used to commemorate rest, travel, and business trips. You can give a ceramic magnet to friends and colleagues for the holidays.

Ceramic magnets are heavy, and if the room has a tiled floor, they often break when dropped. The image is covered with a protective film, the edges of which are processed using lamination technology, preserving the original appearance of the image.

In the Custombuttonco catalog, you can find and choose clothing magnets from any quality material. Therefore, the range of clothing magnets here is very diverse, and each customer can choose which material for manufacturing is most suitable for him.

You can buy gift clothing magnets with a variety of designs and patterns, made of materials of different quality. The most popular products among buyers are simple souvenirs made of acrylic or vinyl. However, embossed or 3D magnets look more impressive.

The main reasons to order gift magnets from Custombuttonco are affordable price, original design suitable for any environment, strong surface adhesion, and durability.

Bright souvenir magnetic products directly related clothing used promotional purposes


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