Geektastic: Millennium Falcon Bass Guitar That Works

I remember back around the beginning of 2010, there were pictures of a Millennium Falcon bass guitar making the rounds on the Internet. It wasn’t a real guitar. It was made to look like a real bass guitar, but you couldn’t actually play it. That’s cool and all, but true Star Wars geeks know that in order to be called geektastic, the guitar would have to be playable. You just can’t leave a mod incomplete like that, right?

About six months after that non-working bass guitar made its debut, Travis Stevens did what any respectable geek with some skillz would do. He created his own version of the Millennium Falcon guitar, and this one works! I can’t believe I’m just now learning about it today.

It took him about a month to create this intergalactic wonder, although he only worked on it during the weekends. As you can probably tell by looking at the pictures, he used a vintage Millennium Falcon toy for the body (I have one of those exact ones!). The process he used to build this is really ingenious, and you can read all about it at Urlesque. I especially like the LEDs he added. In addition to this bass guitar, Travis created several steampunk electric guitars and even a Lord of the Rings bass for his friend. I read that he planned to sell this guitar, but I couldn’t find whether or not it already sold and if it did, how much it sold for. If you have this information, please let us know!

Millennium Falcon Electric Guitar

Millennium Falcon Electric Guitar

Millennium Falcon Electric Guitar

Via: [Book of Joe]


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