Geektastic: Star Wars Episode V Retold In Icons

As you surely know by now, we looooove Star Wars and Star Trek on Bit Rebels. We’ve seen so many fabulous designs and unique ways that fans, artists, kids and creative people everywhere show their love for these classic geek movies. The thing that surprises me is that it never ends. There is literally an infinite number of ways that people can express their love for these movies that have shaped our childhoods and in some ways, truly enhanced our lives.

Wayne Dorrington, a designer and illustrator living in London, has done something so creative and so unique to show his love for Star Wars that he definitely gets the blue ribbon for geekiness this week. You may remember that back in February he created what he called Star Wars Episode IV Retold in Iconoscope. In other words, he illustrated A New Hope with just icons. He managed to tell the story without using words. It was a completely brilliant project, and of course it went viral.

I’m happy to share with you that Wayne has now completed episode V. Since The Empire Strikes Back has a much more complicated storyline than A New Hope, this time he broke it down into two separate infographics. What blows my mind is that he included everything, even costume changes, which are all illustrated in icons. This has got to be one of the geekiest things I’ve ever written about. You can learn more about Wayne on Wayne Dorrington. Dang, great job! I’m totally in awe. Thank you to my dear Twitter friend @_Sue_Ross for showing this to me. It’s time to get your geek on!

Click Here For Enlarged Version Part 1

Click Here For Enlarged Version Part 2

Empire Strikes Back In Icons