Get Inspired! | Fascinating Flickr Favs

Creative people are always looking for new sources of inspiration. I have a ritual that inspires me every day, and if I may, I would like to share it with you. I usually wake up very early in the morning. I sit in the darkness, at my computer, with a blanket draped over my legs. My dog is usually snuggled up at my feet trying to steal some warmth.

The first website I always go to is I look at the new photographs added of colorful images and I look at faces from an older generation.

There is nothing more inspirational to me than the human spirit. When looking at faces, I try to see beyond the expression. Look at the story the lines tell you. You can find sadness, joy, pain, understanding and wisdom if you look carefully. Colors are also very inspirational. To me, colors trigger creativity. Colors make your imagination come alive. They are delicious, happy and playful.

Many of the images on Flickr are protected, and I wouldn’t want to violate any artist’s wishes, so I encourage you to go there and surf the breath taking photography for yourself. Below is a small sampling of photos I am permitted to show you. I hope looking at this photography inspires you. Please visit the photostreams listed below to view even more beautiful images.

Thank you for sharing your art and your talent with us!

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