Staging 101: Steps, Ramps & Guard Rails

In the world of entertainment, staging is everything. Whether you’re setting up a concert, a play, or any other performance, having a stage that is both safe and visually enticing is critical. And when it comes to staging safety measures, nothing is more important than guard rails.

But stage railings aren’t the only safety feature that should be considered- there are also steps and ramps that can make all the difference. Anyone who has been involved in the entertainment industry would have experienced firsthand how much of a difference proper staging can make.

From small venues to large arenas, creating an environment where performers feel safe (and audiences are impressed) takes care and attention to detail.

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Guard Rails

Installing proper guard rails or stage railings is one of the most important aspects of creating a safe and impressive stage area.

By using sturdy metal or wooden barriers around the perimeter of your stage area, you can protect performers from falling off during their performance while giving them ample space to move around.

But not all guard rails are created equal- for maximum effect; you must choose rails that match your aesthetic and provide unbeatable durability against wear and tear.

High-quality stage railings often offer customizable options to help fit your specific needs perfectly, including height adjustments or custom cuts depending on requirements.

Stage Steps

Another crucial aspect of staging safety arises in constructing steps across different levels on-stage. Believe me; you don’t want performers tripping over clumsy stairs mid-performance!

While many stages have safely built-in stairs to accompany multiple levels on-stage (taking into consideration visibility changes etc.), different types are available – including those that fold away for storage/transportation purposes.

Stage Ramps

The final component which shouldn’t be bypassed when talking about staging construction is ramping! Creating inclusive stages allows everyone with disabilities access – thus improving their comfort during shows etc.! There’s no fully accessible staging without convenient ramp access.

These ramps should be designed so as not to hinder or obstruct the performer’s movement.

Tips To Work With Steps, Guards, And Rails

As you can imagine, having all these components working correctly and safely is paramount when constructing a stage for live performances. However, it’s important to note that they’re not all-inclusive; additional components may be required depending on your specific needs.

When creating a stage, you must ask yourself some relevant questions – what type of performance will occur there? How many performers will be involved? Who will need access to the stage? Is sound an issue in my venue space etc.?

Once you clearly understand what you’re trying to accomplish, you can start considering all that must be done before beginning construction.

In Summary

As much as we desire our stages to look stunning – keeping those safe who are performing or visiting those stages is absolutely vital.

While guard rails will act as your primary protective feature for performers once actually performing, steps help provide safe access to the platform and or pillars. At the same time, ramps make the entrance and exit more inclusive for everyone.

Entertainment, even in a small space, has become feasible today with the advent of portable stages of various sizes and dimensions. They can easily be placed for performance and stored away after use. They come complete with guard rails for stability and safety.

Overall, whether building a large stadium stage construct or a smaller outdoor show space – each safety feature has a purpose & must work together proficiently for any event/show/exhibition etc., to run efficiently and smoothly!

If you are a novice in this sphere, we are sure this blog post must have given you a fair idea about these stage set-ups’ importance and functionality.

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