Get Out Of Bed: Carpet Alarm Clock Forces You To Wake Up

Do you need some help to get out of bed in the mornings too? I’m not a fan of mornings. In college I always dreaded waking up for my 8am classes, and as the semester wore on, it became more and more of a dreaded chore to me. I would plan to get up early and give myself plenty of time to get ready, grab my books, and make the half hour commute to campus, but then I would find myself going back to sleep for another twenty minutes which would make me late for class. Yikes! Now that I’ve graduated from college, getting out of bed before noon seems harder than ever.

There may be a solution to this problem. Yanko Design recently featured a concept design for a carpet that uses the technology of an alarm clock to get you not only to wake up, but get out of bed in the morning. You set the alarm just like you would any regular alarm clock. When the clock reaches the time you set for an alarm, the carpet will set off the alarm. However, unlike traditional alarm clocks that you can sit next to your bed and slam off, this carpet requires you to physically get out of bed and step on it to turn it off.

Once you get up, you’ll be less likely to go back to bed. Place the carpet further away from your bed and closer to your dresser or closet if you need more motivation to get out of bed and get going in the mornings. The Carpet Alarm Clock was designed by Sofie Collin & Gustav Lanberg. Currently it is only a concept design and not available for purchase. I hope to see this come to life in the near future, and I’m sure many other people do too!

Get Out Of Bed!



Via: [Yanko Design] Image Credits: [LOL Snaps]