The Alarm Clock That Could Actually Drive You Insane

Let’s just say that if I had this alarm clock in my house, I would have to seek professional therapy very soon because I think it would drive me insane. However, based on the impact it recently had on Kickstarter (they raised over $150,000) and the feedback from the sleepy community (they’ve presold over 400), apparently it’s about to get very popular.

The design itself is truly brilliant, but let me explain how this works. On almost all alarm clocks there is a way to manipulate it to turn it off quite easily. We’ve even written about a few over the years that are supposedly annoying enough to wake us up, but as it turns out, most of them are disappointingly easy to turn off.

The engineers who created this Ramos Alarm Clock went to great lengths to be sure it would annoy you to the point of insanity. If you reach for the button to turn it off (there isn’t one), it still beeps. If you unplug it, it automatically goes into battery backup mode and continues beeping. If you throw it across the room in complete desperation, it still beeps. There is only one way to make this dang thing shut up. And that is… You have to physically get up out of bed, walk to a different room, and type in the defuse code into a keypad. The makers of this very disturbing alarm clock are banking on the fact that by the time you finally do all that, you will be so awake (and pissed) that there is no way you’ll get back into your bed. Even if you do, you won’t be able to fall asleep again for sure.

It’s an interesting concept, right? Yeah, this thing will not end up in my house. No way. If you’d like to see how they built it and the progress they’ve made, click over to Paul Sammut. If you’d like to learn even more about this, you can go to Ramos Alarm Clock. Watch the video below to see it in action. Who knows, maybe you are one of the crazy ones who will enjoy this self-torture device.




Via: [Oddity Central]