Glowing Inspiration: Creative Neon Light Sculptures

I am so drawn to this type of photography! In official artistic language, these are called “long exposure and light painting photographs.” In regular non-artist language (me), these are called super cool pictures with neon lights.

Neon doesn’t really fit with the decor in my house now, but when I was attending university, I decorated the walls of my dorm room with about forty different neon signs. I collected them from old gas stations, restaurants, flea markets and garage sales. I kept them lit almost all the time, and it was so much fun to sleep in a dark room lit up by colorful neon lights. It was a fantasy environment really.

So you can understand why I love the work of Darren Pearson, an artist from Los Angeles. His photographs are so beautiful to me, and the neon lights are unique and so much fun. I’ve written about light photography before. In addition to the actual light paintings, there is a photography element here that is just fantastic. The bright colors are so carefully placed everywhere, and they seem to pop right off the page. If you would like to learn more about light painting, and how you can get that effect in your own photographs, check out this article here, which has the best tutorial I’ve seen so far. Thank you for the inspiration Darren!

[via My Modern Met]