Gorgeous Dress Made From Old Magazines & Garbage Bags

Let me just start this article by saying if I tried to make a dress out of old magazines and garbage bags, it would look like something fit for the trash can, so the fact that this artist can make it look couture blows my mind. Gone are the days when fashion designs created from recycled household projects look kitschy and cheesy. Now those designs sometimes look even more elegant than the most expensive designer gowns, and it’s really quite incredible.

When I wrote about this cocktail dress made from rubber bands, people tweeted me saying they didn’t expect it to be so beautiful. The same thing happened with this dress made from water bottles. Today I’d like to share with you a dress made from old magazines and plastic garbage bags. If you are like me, when you finish with a magazine you put it in a stack to be sent out with the rest of your discarded items to be recycled. I have a recycler that picks up my bin of plastics and paper each week. If you are designer Adam Neely, instead of sending out your magazines to be recycled, you just make a stunning dress from them.

The top half of this dress is created from black garbage bags, which he molded into this plunging halter-neck style. The bottom portion is created from 1,000 hand-folded paper fans attached to a muslin base. The fans were made from magazine pages. He had to go through around 75 magazines to get all the pages with the right colors that he needed to achieve this look. The result is a floor-lengthed flamenco gown that anyone would be proud to wear, or at least I would. I know what you may be wondering… What’s up with that other dress in the second picture below? I have no idea, but I wish I did. You can learn more about Adam on his website, or in this article called Reclaimed Fashion Showcases the Versatility of Artists.

Colorful Dress Made From Magazines

Gorgeous Outfit From Old Magazines

Via: [ecouterre] Header Image Credit: [Real Simple]