Granny Tunes: Hand-Knitted iPhone and iPod Cases

If you have had your iPhone since the very first generation and upgraded it through the years, you know by now that the bundle of cool can be quite a hard edged brick of awesomeness in your pocket. Sure, it does pretty much everything you want it to do, but the hard exterior is churning away on your softer self. Maybe you can identify with the exterior of it because you are a sensitive and soft boned person yourself. The reasons that you have started to look for a softer skin or case for you iPhone or iPod could be many, and only you know the reasons why. But where is the best place to look when there are floods and landslides of new skins coming out each and every day? Pretty much every single one of them beats the other in hardness, security or drop height. Well, right here I tell you.

Greece Is For Lovers has developed the first (as far as I know) hand-knitted iPhone and iPod case that will do wonders for you softer side. Dubbed the Granny Tunes, this case is just an astounding sight for sore eyes. Not only is it retro, but it’s ultimately geeky. Put on that nerdy hand-knitted cap of yours and flaunt that case, and you’ll be the arch nerd amongst jealous geeks.

However, don’t expect that coolness to come cheap. You’ll be able to get one for €55.00 which should totally make you the only one on your block to carry one. You can choose colors from white, beige and khaki. It’s not cheap to be geek, and it certainly isn’t easy keeping up with the latest trends, but this is respectfully a sure bet!