Here’s The New Footbook – Showing You The Steps Of Others

One would think that it is an attempt to create the next generation social networking site, inheriting it’s name from the biggest networking site out there, Facebook. However, that’s where you are wrong. This is something far more interesting and… oh should I say, weird. I was quite intrigued by the name and had to check out what it really was, but what I found was something truly original and, well, useless.

Designer YanTing Chen had an interesting idea where you would be able to recognize foot prints. Why? Well, I have no idea really. The story does not reveal if it’s just a ploy, or if it’s legit. All I know is that it’s quite a funky little project that involves a lot of leather and some Photoshop skills to put it all together.

The execution of the book; however, is quite genius. It looks like something taken from an ancient library and is beautifully aged with imprinted letters and clean cut images of… well, foot prints. Ingeniously named “Foot Prints,” the book is as easy to carry around as it is comparing foot prints.

It is also not revealed if this book is intended for bushmen or detectives, but I’m sure whoever finds a use for it is going to have hours and hours of fun tracking the person they are looking for. Maybe it’s a handbook for the crime labs or just a movie prop for CSI Miami. Either way, I think that YanTing Chen has really done something totally… original.