Historical Lives Illustrated In Minimalistic Pictures

I’m stepping over into Richard’s territory a little bit with this article. He is an extraordinary designer, and he writes about minimalist design a lot. According to him, it’s much more difficult and requires a lot more creativity to make an effective minimalist design when compared to a fancy busy design. If you are unfamiliar with the differences, you can see examples of both in Minimalistic vs. Over The Top Transfomers 3 Posters.

For me, since I’m not a designer, I didn’t really get it before. These minimalistic superhero posters are really neat, but overall, to me, it was nothing more than just a different style of design. It’s like the Cliffs Notes of Illustration. However, that all changed today. Now I get it.

The Italian design studio H-57 created these minimalistic posters which creatively illustrate different people from history. They are somehow able to capture some of what we remember from their lives with just a few small pictures. I have no idea how or where a designer would get the kind of inspiration it would take to create something so simple, beautiful and effective. Yep, I’m officially in awe.

Minimalist Michael Jackson Life Poster

Minimalist Darth Vader Life Poster

Minimalistic Adolf Hitler Poster

Minimalistic Jesus Life Illustration

Minimalistic Bruce Lee Life Poster

Minimalist Marie Antoinette Life Poster

Minimalistic Giulio Cesare Life Poster

Via: [My Modern Met]