Hot Tea Slingshot: The Most Fun You’ll Have With A Used Tea Bag

If you drink hot tea all day long like a good friend of mine does, you probably have a big stack of used tea bags to get rid of by the end of the day. What do you do with them? You could just throw them in the trash, but it seems like it might be a creative way to reuse or upcycle them into something else. I’ve written about some really beautiful tea bag art before, but using your tea bags as a slingshot seems way more fun.

This tea cup design called the SlingsHOT will allow you to aim your hot tea bag directly at your enemy so you know you’ll get a clean shot. Then…boo-ya, you can pop him right in the back. He’ll never know what hit him. I wish so much this was true because I can’t imagine a more fun way to reuse hot tea bags, but unfortunately, it’s all just a tease.

Yeah, that’s right, it’s kinda sad. This is a concept design tea cup which just looks like it could be used as a slingshot. In reality, when you pull the string back like that, you aren’t about to fling your enemy with your scorching hot tea bag. Instead, it’s just an efficient way to squeeze the liquid out of your tea bag before you remove it from the cup. With a little modding though, this probably could be turned into a real slingshot.

I’m sure designer Samir Sufi has had a good time knowing he teased us all like that. It’s still a brilliant little design which would keep super drippy hot tea bags from staining your kitchen counter. Another solution to the drippy tea bag dilemma is to just become a coffee drinker instead. I recommend you start with a Caramel Macchiato.

Have Some Fun With Your Hot Tea Bags




Via: [That’s Nerdalicious]