How Colors Affect Our Purchases [Infographic]

How do you shop? Old school or new age-style? I guess it depends on how busy you are right before you planned to go shopping. The fact is that more and more people order all their stuff at home through the Internet. The more we shop, the more services pop up which enable us to not move an inch if we don’t want to. Some people think this is bad, while others are all for it. The debate could of course be long and tedious if we were ever to figure out the end result of all this online shopping. One thing is for sure, and that is that it is mighty convenient and time saving to just hit up a page on the Internet, click a few items, and then click confirm to approve the purchase.

What determines our choice of products and services? Is it true that the form and color of a product are really that important? Or is it the actual content of the product that matters the most to us all? It’s simple, and the facts are quite clear when it comes to these questions. 93% of all the people who purchase something choose it by the appearance of it. 1% purchase stuff by sound and smell, while 6% purchase things by feeling the texture of what they are about to buy.

It’s quite interesting, isn’t it? The fact that we don’t care about the actual product inside the packaging, and instead base our whole purchase on the visuals, is mind blowing really. This means that colors really have a profound influence on how we act, and what we base our purchases on. KISSmetrics has done the calculations and pulled them all together into an infographic that I am sure you will find mighty useful if you have a company that sells a product and you are wondering why it is not getting noticed by the majority of the customers in the mall or supermarket. The profound meaning of color is an important tool to use in marketing and when visually presenting your product or service. This infographic is surely going to help you understand the concept and importance of color.

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How Colors Affect Our Purchases