How Old Newspapers Become D’Eco Art

The things you can do by just recycling stuff is only limited to your imagination. I have many times written about things that have laid dormant awaiting their decomposition, even though it might take thousands of years, which have then instead been turned into things so beautiful you could swear on your mothers grave that it was just manufactured that way. There is a surprisingly large number of people in the world that have made it their number one pastime to recycle and reuse stuff they were otherwise just going to throw away. I am heavily inspired and impressed by these people, for they are not only saving the planet one can at a time, they are also creating ten times more creative things with less than a professional designer does with more.

D’Eco Art is a community that is entirely dedicated to creating new things only using paper. The stuff they come up with is just mind boggling and would work in anyone’s living room as exclusive artwork. They are entirely hand made and use only recycled paper to save the planet from further pollution and littering.

I only spent a few seconds on the site before I was totally overwhelmed by all the creativity they showcase. Everything from triangles made out of newspaper to tables and chests. The spectrum is beyond anything you have ever seen, and that’s a promise. Some of their pieces you won’t even believe are made out of paper. Amazing!