Beautiful Swear Words: Cursing Has Never Been So Much Fun

Swearing is fun sometimes, isn’t it? It’s like a totally naughty way to express ourselves without hurting anyone. Well, that is, unless you call a person a dumbass or something, I could see that being hurtful. For the most part, if there aren’t kids around, it’s a completely innocent way to be bad.

There are quite a few artists who are inspired by the beauty of swear words. I remember when I wrote about this Periodic Table of Swearing because I couldn’t believe someone was able to create an entire periodic table just from those words. Today I have some other swear word inspired designs to show you.

Everything you see below is from the creative Tumblr blog called Beautiful Swear Words. Theo Olesen created all of these. Theo is an 18-year-old designer living in California who just loves to design words. According to his site, he draws one swear word by hand every working day. He does it simply because it’s fun. After he draws each one, he scans it and then colors it in Photoshop. I don’t think I’ve ever seen swear words look so pretty before. My only question is, how long will this go on? I mean, how many swear words are in the English language? I suppose there are probably hundreds or thousands, and new ones are created every day. You can visit Beautiful Swear Words to see Theo’s entire collection. Isn’t language fun?

The Word Crap Drawn

Cluster Fuck Words Drawn

The Word Bullshit Drawn

The Word VaJayJay Drawn

The Word Fucktard Drawn

The Word Balls Drawn

The Word Douchebag Drawn

The Words Ass Wipe Drawn

Via: [Laughing Squid]