How To Create Green Moss Wall Graffiti [Infographic]

Wow, you’ve never seen green moss like this before. Street art is one of the most debated forms of art there is. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have discussed this art form and gotten both positive and negative reactions. Some people feel it’s a destruction of public property, while others see it as a beautification of everyone’s daily hangouts. It is an infected topic that usually ends with both sides going their own way none the wiser.

Even though there is a distinct difference between confined street art and graffiti, it seems some people just don’t like the idea of putting art in public places because people’s tastes vary so much. They feel as if some people might not like a certain type of art; therefore, everyone should just leave the boring facades alone and as is. However, as we have stated before, there are so many different kinds of street art that don’t really have to be destructive. Take this green moss art for example.

It’s really called Green Moss Wall Graffiti, and it involves biological growing green moss that is simply confined to a certain area which allows it to form beautiful and quite inspirational graffiti street art. It’s of course not an instant form of street art since it takes a few months for it to grow and become the awesomeness that you see in the images below.

But once it is there, and not tempered with, this type of street art can last for years and years if the creator keeps an eye on it and nurtures it. I have found a really simple to follow infographic and how to guide that will take you through the steps for creating this quite natural form of graffiti art. No more spray cans and no more chemical fluids to clean the mess up. This way it’s all natural, and it will beautify the environment. It might even speak to the people who don’t usually like graffiti. So I guess this could be your weekend project, whether it is at home or in public. However, if you plan to put your art in public, always get permission from the property owner before you set out to create this kind of art (or any art). It will save you both time and a lot of arguing in the long run. Welcome to creativity!

Green Moss Wall Graffiti




Via: [UFunk – French]


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    KB 9 years

    I want to do this on my front porch in my apartment. Can this be removed or does it stay forever?

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    Is this applicable to a wet wall? since it always heavy rain in my place?

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    MR 9 years

    those photos are fakes, in that they were not made in that manor, but rather but cutting out moss and sticking it to the wall. you can grow moss in this manner but it doesn’t work like this.