HOW TO: Create Non Destructive Reflections in Photoshop

Working in Photoshop is a breeze if you know how to do things. To streamline your work is really important to make sure you save time. It’s even more important if you’re a freelancer that relies on the work you get and to make the deadlines in order to start on other projects you’ve managed to acquire through your hard work. The best way to streamline your work as a freelancer is to watch or read as many tutorials as you possibly can and have time to. Also practise is very important in order to speed up your work process.

I am dedicated to write a series of articles showing you some design secrets and tutorials that possibly will have a huge effect on your work process and the time you spend on designing things in Photoshop. I won’t be continuously writing about these things but will from time to time throw in a great tip or to how to advance in the line of design and it’s many techniques.

First up is a video tutorial on how to create non destructive reflections in Photoshop. Easy and simple and in the minimum time possible. This should really pseed things up when you’re in a hurry and the client asks you to add a reflection to your design or text.