How to Design/Print your own T-Shirts

This has become a huge topic nowadays. What could be cooler than having your own printed t-shirt with your own graphic on it. I thought I’d check up on this topic to stay updated with it and I actually found 2 different ways of doing it. While some really want that rough, grungy, home made kind of result there is a really simple tutorial for that as well as for everyone that really want that professional clean looking result I’ve gone ahead and added a tutorial for that as well.

Remember though, taking your time and really look into details will make your t-shirt to look way better and the finished result will be of more satisfactory nature. The grungy approach is the low end of making your own t-shirt and should be the more affordable choice. The professional and clean result is a bit more time consuming and probably set you back slightly more in terms of money.

In all, these tutorials seem to be the two approaches used by most and it’s just your creativity that holds back the result. Even though there are several other approaches like “real printing” they aren’t exactly cost effective so I have narrowed down to these two tutorials.

Has anyone made their own t-shirt yet perhaps? Share it with us, we’d love to see it.

Professional Approach

Grungy Approach