How To: Draw a Realistic Eye

Did you ever have a nemesis in high school? You know, that person that could always do something better than you no matter how hard you tried? I did. Her name was Liz Elliot.

Since we both knew how to speak Spanish, we were bored in Spanish class. To pass the time, we would draw faces. She could always draw the most realistic faces. They were beautiful with detailed emotion. Meanwhile, I couldn’t get past the eyes. My faces always looked so pitiful!

It has been many years since high school, but every once in a while, when I’m feeling extra daring, I’ll sit down with a pencil and try to draw a face. Even today, I still seem to get hung up on the eyes. Then I found this video. If you don’t have time to watch this entire process, at least look at the video towards the end, look at the finished eye.

Wow. This is fantastic. This video was just posted a few days ago, but ever since I found it, I’ve been practicing.

Just wait until our next class reunion. Eat your heart out Liz Elliot – I’m going to challenge you to a face drawing contest. I bet this time, I’ll finally be able to draw an eye better than you!