How to Draw the Female Figure

Drawing the female figure is my favorite element when illustrating or designing.  Give me an assignment where I need to make female form and I will do it with much gusto!  I do fashion drawings and most of the time, the drawings I do have no reference and all from scratch.  I find that having a chart to follow in terms of proportion is a great guide.  Drawing a female figure can be very challenging,  wrong stroke or  sizing can mean a lot of difference  considering that a woman’s body is delicate.  But of course, every designer or artists have their own way or process they follow to make their work flow much effective.

The chart can really help someone new at illustrating.  The normal sizing to follow is that when you determine the size of a head then you can use that as reference.  8 head size for a full body.  For Asians, its  7 to 7 1/2 head size.   I found a video that illustrates what I mean.  One can see that even if you have no reference, it will still be easy for you to start sketching the female form.  It makes for a very good frame work. Included another video as well that features how one sketches the female figure.  Use that as your source of inspiration.  So if you want to learn how to draw, practice, practice, practice.

Main Image  Source: Sandra Flood: Female Figure