How To: Make Kinetic Typography

On my last article on Kinetic Typography ( I Heart Typographic Animation). A reader asked if I can put together some tutorials that can help one make his or her own version.

Here are videos and links that I hope would help:

Design Rhythmic Motion Typography in After Effects by ae+tuts

Kinetic Typography: Generation and Application of Affective, Animated Text

Kinetic Typography Tutorial by the Crooked Gremlin

How to Create Explosive Typographic Effects in Cinema 4D by GoMediazine

It takes a lot of effort and time to create your own Kinetic or Type set in motion.  Hope you will consider the following when creating your own:

1.  Storyline – Just like creating anything moving, it would be great to pick a good storyline.  Whether you pick to make your own story or create something inspired by music, it is always good to allow your audience the benefit of watching something that they can easily understand or relate with.

2.  Choose your fonts wisely –  I believe what you will do is a work of art and like any other art forms, choosing the best fonts that will fit to your plot or mini video will be good.  It will also create more drama and imapct to your master piece.

3. Choose the best music or sound effect. –  a great piece of work will never be complete nor create more impactl without the music or the sound effects.

Ok now Go and do your masterpiece and when you are done, please share it with us, we would love to see what you have come up with.