How To: Make Yamaha’s VMAX Motorcycle In Paper Craft

I was never really into motorcycles when I was growing up. But then shortly after I graduated from high school, Brad Pitt stared in the movie Thelma and Louise. He was so handsome on that motorcycle, and I’m obviously not the only one that thought that. As the story goes, that movie skyrocketed him into the hearts of women all over the world.

Now to switch gears a little bit, we all know how popular paper craft art has become recently. We write about it a lot on Bit Rebels because it’s just so inspiring to see what someone can create with a piece of paper. If you type “paper craft” into the search field here on Bit Rebels, you will see some stuff that will blow your mind.

Yamaha has dedicated an entire section of their website to VMAX paper craft models. How cool is that? They provide detailed parts data and instructions available for download so anyone can try their had at folding a pretty impressive little motorcycle. What a fun weekend project!