How To: Make Your Own Rolex Watch (Almost)

We love papercraft on Bit Rebels. If you do a search for papercraft on this site, you’ll see enough fun creative designs to keep you busy for weeks. To me, origami is the mother of all papercraft, and some of the origami designs we’ve featured will truly blow your mind.

Sometimes papercraft designs are so intricate and involved that you can’t help but instantly have respect for the artist. Matthew Nicholson is one of those artists. Among other things, he calls himself a papercraft engineer, and based on this papercraft Rolex, I would have to agree.

On Matthew’s website, Matt Makes Stuff, he offers a few downloadable DIY papercraft diagrams for anyone who enjoys folding paper. You can download Matthew’s PDF for this Rolex watch here. Soon he will be posting a template for a pinhole camera, which I’m sure will be awesome. If you are interested in making this watch, simply download the link I provided and then watch this video for the assembly instructions. I watched this thing from beginning to end, which I normally don’t do. It is just so memorizing to watch a master paper folder!

How To Make Papercraft Watch

How To Make Papercraft Watch

How To Make Papercraft Watch

Via: [Wonder How To]