How To: Recycle Old Jeans Into A Cell Phone Case

For a woman, finding the perfect pair of blue jeans is like finding the Holy Grail. We try on dozens of pairs, and once we find the right ones, we love them, nurture them and keep them safe like they were our best friend.

I own two pairs of blue jeans that I treasure. I’ve had them both for several years and they are worn, faded and ripped. Each tear and imperfection on those jeans carries with it a special memory. I’ve washed them both so many times though, at some point, I’m going to have to realize I need to say goodbye and start another intensive hunt for new ones. I’m not looking forward to that day.

I’m happy to report that now we don’t have to send our old blue jeans to the blue jean graveyard. We have other options to keep their memories alive and recycle in the process! A while back, Misty wrote an article about how to turn our old blue jeans into earth-friendly sandals. If that project was a little too crafty for you, I’ve got another option for you.

Thanks to the creative minds over at Dead Jeans, we can now recycle our old blue jeans into a cell phone case. All you have to do is rip the back pockets off your jeans (see the video below or the website) and send them to Dead Jeans. They will custom make your own “cell phone pocket” from your blue jeans pockets. The front of your new custom pocket will be lined with felt to keep your phone from getting scratched. You can use your new pocket to store your cell phone, your wallet or anything really. Now your sentimental jeans can have a whole new purpose for you! They make pockets to fit the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 4, the Blackberry Bold 9700 and all other smartphones that are the same sizes as those. What a fun idea. I’m definitely going to do this!

[via Gadget King]