How To: Scan And Open Money Images In Photoshop

It has long been said that Photoshop refuses to open or print any scanned money images. It just won’t. It’s a security feature that the governments have asked Adobe to implement. How it works is still a secret. However, it’s not that hard to figure out that it digitally scans the image, and if it is a scanned bill, it will detect it, always. Many people have tried to get Photoshop to open up a 5 dollar bill, for example, but Photoshop just won’t do it.

Well, as with everything else, there is a way to do it. And, it is actually Adobe themselves that have made it possible. It is not known if it was purposely done, but it works, every single time. The workaround is quite simple, and it will enable you to open up money in Photoshop from that point on.

Of course, everyone knows it is illegal to print counterfeit money, and that if you are convicted, you’ll get hefty jail time to look forward to. However, this little workaround is for you as a designer. If you want to incorporate a piece of an image of a 5 dollar bill for example, here’s how you do it. Always remember though, there are rules for this, and they are to be followed. Enjoy!