Tokyo-Go-Go Illustrations That Will Make You Go Wow!

I love illustrations when they are thought through and created with passion. There is a lot of crap out there that honestly, if it had only been given a little bit more time and attention, could have been truly amazing. It’s when you stumble over the good pieces that you really know what illustrations are all about. Colors, imagination and inspiration are what will make the truly great pieces pop out from the rest.

That is exactly what designer and illustrator Greg Darrol has managed to incorporate in his work. His style is what always makes me pause to check it out, no matter how busy my schedule looks. I always have to take a peek at the really great ones. The detail in Greg’s work is just stunning, and it must have taken ages in some cases to finish up a design.

One particular characteristic that Greg’s illustrations have is that once you have started checking them out you can’t really stop. Even though you have probable seen every single detail in a picture, you just want more and more. They’re funny, current, inspirational as well as freaky and creepy. It’s all in one, and it is probably that which makes them so appealing. I can’t wait to see what Greg comes up with next, and I will definitely be one of the fans that is awaiting his next piece. Great illustrations are awesome when they are perfect.