Iced Out: 26-Foot Optimus Prime Sculpted From Ice

When going to events, you sometimes see ice sculptures cranked out all over the place. It’s a nice touch to an already exclusive invitation and gives you a sense that it has been immensely planned and thought through, unlike one of those random parties just to have some fun. However, don’t for a second think it’s an easy task to sculpt these crazy beautiful creations. The art of ice sculpting is a skill that takes a lot of years to master. To keep the block of ice from cracking is as hard as freezing water into the perfect block of ice. The trick is really to eliminate all the bubbles, and to get as clear a piece of ice as possible. That will keep the structures you create intact, and they will become much stronger.

Some people who know everything about ice sculpting are Antti Pedrozo and Michel De Kok. They constructed a 26-foot tall Optimus Prime entirely out of a huge block of ice at an event between 11-12-2010 and 11-27-2010. The feat in itself is just astounding, and you can pretty much see the intense work it must have required to create all the details.

However, Antti isn’t just creating stuff out of ice. He also creates sculptures out of sand, metal and even fire. Every material you can think of, this brilliant dude has probably already immersed himself into. His website is a testament to what you can do with pretty much everything if you just put your mind into it. Just glancing at it is enough to inspire your whole day full of amazement.