Icon and Iro iPhone Cases Remind Us of Failure and Success

Every time I go into a technology store or visit an online shop for iPhone cases, I always get a bit hesitant to start looking for something I might like. The amount of cases, mods and accessories are simply too great to even start messing around with. I’d rather wait for some neat post about something new, ground breaking and visually stunning before I start working those cogs of interest. What’s always a little bit boring is that everything is really a copy of a copy. There’s never really anything new to be expected other than a new style, form, shape or color. Where’s the ingenuity and creativity in the process?

Essential TPE is not bringing anything new to the table with their Icon and Iro iPhone cases, but there is something about their concept that still remains appealing and quite frankly, a little bit funny. I think everyone remembers the epic failure of the iPhone 4’s antenna problem and the somewhat laughable resolution of it. Essential TPE has used that to their advantage and created a memorial iPhone case out of it.

It’s a bulky and colorless case called Icon, and it has a an antenna extension making the whole package look like it was something brought back from the early ’90s. The advantage they get from it comes when they roll out the Iro case product in front of your eyes. It’s everything but colorless and the sleek and slim style of it makes you drool for one immediately. But what I wonder is, where are all the technology enhanced cases that give the iPhone additional super powers? If you find one make sure you tell us about it.