IKEA Hackers: IKEA Furniture Hacker Style

Everyone knows that IKEA is cheap stylish furniture that you have to put together yourself once you get home. More than often after I have been shopping at IKEA, I have unfortunately found myself wondering where certain parts are since they are not included in the package that I hauled home. And don’t get me wrong, there have been parts missing, and that’s the downside of IKEA. When it works and everything is included, there is no reason why you would buy the exact same lamp at Crate & Barrel for twice as much just because it has a wooden foot.

However, there is another way to do things after you have brought home your new furniture. If you do it the hacker style, you might find that there are plenty more uses for those two chairs that you suddenly found didn’t fit into the overall visual composition. If you are one of the people that welcomes a little bit of odd yet functional interior design, then you will definitely like the IKEA Hackers website.

The ultimately best use for a couple of chairs that don’t belong really seems to be to create bedroom dress boys out of them. The more I look at these, the more I see how awesome they are. Not only do they bring some creativity to the room, but they also add a true use. Instead of throwing those clothes in a pile on the floor, use the dress boys to help you keep your bedroom tidy and neat. It’s definitely IKEA hacker style. You can find the full tutorial on the IKEA Hackers website.