Impress Your Friends – Origami with a Twist!

I love origami, otherwise known as the art of paper folding. I think it takes a lot of patience on the part of the artist to create artwork from a simple piece of paper. Have you ever seen origami used for table napkins? I have, and they look quite delicate and elegant when presented at formal dinners. The ones I saw were presented during formal sit down dinners at hotels or posh restaurants for weddings. I found a cool product on Think Geek. The napkins can be folded easily since it has the instructions printed on the napkins themselves. Now if you decide to have a party at home, you can impress your friends with an origami napkin with a twist. One pack costs $8.99.

Origami Napkins have four different designs, each with their own skill level. The instructions and folding lines are printed right on the napkin itself, so you won’t have to remember a thing. You’ll learn how to make The Flapping Bird, The Polo Shirt, The Bird of Paradise, and The Jester Boot. Then you can go into any reasonable establishment (read: fast food) and have a fancier table setting than any posh restaurant. Everyone will be amazed and bow down to you – and all because you have a stash of Origami Napkins.

Origami Napkins