Innovative Kitchen Island Ideas

Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen has long been considered the most important. People often refer to the kitchen as the heart of the home and the room where the most important hours of the day are spent. With the rapid rise of kitchen islands over the last couple of decades, it’s safe to say that kitchen islands are fast becoming the beating heart of the kitchen itself and one of the most popular kitchen installations money can buy.

As the popularity of the kitchen island rises, so too does the variety of shapes and sizes they come in and the purposes they serve. Whether you’re looking for practicality, storage, dining space or just an artsy addition to the kitchen, there is an unlimited array of potential modifications at your fingertips. Recent years have seen kitchen islands get bigger, better and more colorful than ever before. This article offers a look into some terrifically innovative and unique kitchen island designs, ranging from the simple to the extraordinary.

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A Kitchen Island With An Arty Wine Rack

The most common kitchen island comes in a rectangular form, as seen here. You will often find one of the kitchen triangle concept members located on this rectangle — the stove, the sink or simply an open, clear surface. The space under the kitchen island is usually utilized as a storage space to ease the burden of other cupboards and drawers of surrounding worktops having to accommodate your kitchen essentials. You’ll also often find a plethora of doors or a dedicated space to hold surrounding stools.

This kitchen, however, has incorporated something both practical and elegant. One entire end of this kitchen island has been dedicated to an exposed wine rack. It’s an addition that is both accessible and pleasing to the eye.

The simple modification complements the sleek design of the rest of the kitchen and is located just inches from the dining table. This kitchen island offers up the perfect place to store bottles while boasting an attractive design in what is otherwise a simply decorated kitchen.

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A Kitchen Island Playing With Dimensions

The majority of rooms in houses and flats around the world tend to stick to certain shapes. These are usually distinctly square or rectangular, so it can feel odd having curved or circular elements within the home. This kitchen and kitchen island, however, pull it off.

The kitchen surfaces curve around the edge of the room and surround a modern spherical kitchen island. The stove is smack bang in the middle of the kitchen, giving this kitchen island a clear purpose. This would be a simple and satisfying place to cook up meals.

The raised surface of the island gives it a little of extra character, allowing for condiments or decorative ornaments. The deep red shade is also a color we haven’t seen much of in past kitchen color trends making this a truly maverick design.

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An Expandable Kitchen Island

Like the previous kitchen we looked at, this one boasts a deep red shade. However, this is where the similarities end. Adopting a traditional rectangular shape, this kitchen offers a wonderful combination of modern and traditional. Sleek modern cupboards and furniture deck the sides, while exposed beams and a rustic kitchen island sit in the center.

It appears as though it could have been plucked out of another era and placed in this modern home, yet it doesn’t feel out of place — the complementary red shade on the far wall seamlessly bring these elements together.

The butcher’s block on this old-fashioned kitchen island offers optimum chopping space without the worry of dirtying the surrounding stone worktops, which can remain clear and clean, while the butcher’s block can also be extended on either side for when serious cooking takes place. There is a refreshing open space above the kitchen island for comfort, with fixtures flooding the kitchen with light.

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A Kitchen Island On Wheels

The kitchens we’ve looked at so far feature solid and sturdy kitchen islands, but this one has something over all of them — it boasts a maneuverable island. A kitchen island on wheels is a brilliantly versatile member of the home.

With a simple push, you can move it towards any surface, making chopping and preparing meals easier. Alternatively, you can move it completely out of the way should you want to use the space for social occasions. You could even move it into another room when entertaining to act as a bar.

This kitchen island makes for a characteristic centerpiece, but it’s also practical, featuring storage space below and a durable surface. It could also be a brilliant temporary measure for those who would like to test out a kitchen island before committing to having one installed.

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The Kitchen Island With The Hanging Rack

When thinking about kitchen islands, the majority of thought goes into what to do with the extra surface space and how to the best use the space underneath. The area above is often completely neglected.

This kitchen island, however, makes full use of the overhead space. The surrounding modern worktops create a sleek backdrop to a rack hanging over the kitchen island — it’s a fusion of style and practicality. Just think of all those times you’ve had to get down on all fours to rustle deep into a cupboard looking for the right pots and pans. This kitchen island design means those utensils are kept within arms reach while adding a touch of class and homeliness.

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The Alternative Homely Kitchen Island

People sometimes think kitchen islands are reserved for huge rooms found in deluxe apartments and spacious country mansions. This alternative kitchen island design proves that no space is too small. While it’s certainly not easy to squeeze a kitchen island into a small city flat, when done properly, it can create a cosy and effective space.

This edgy city studio flat has a touch of familial charm. The kitchen island is small enough not to crowd the room — so you can still navigate your kitchen easily — but big enough to be of practical use. The chalkboard side has multiple functions — use it as a notice board for reminders and shopping lists or simply as a place for the kids to get creative.

Decked with a butcher’s block and kitchen towels hanging from the side, it is simple yet striking. It’s the perfect combination of comfort and practicality. Stephen Flower is Managing Director at Ashford Kitchens & Interiors, which has been providing quality and bespoke luxury kitchens, bedrooms and home offices in and around Middlesex, United Kingdom, since 1984.

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