Wow! An Entire Tropical Island Built On A Yacht

Lately I’ve been coming across some of the wildest most creative architecture I’ve ever seen. It’s so cool when architects and designers have a concept design in their head, and they are somehow able to get other people excited about it along with them before it even exists. That’s the case with this luxurious design. It looks like a fantasy dream come true to me.

I’ve taken a few cruises in my life, but overall, I’ve never really been into them. When I take a vacation, I like to explore and go on an adventure. To me, being confined to a ship is just not my idea of a true adventure. However, if I were to take a little vacation on this ship, I think my opinion might change. This thing is absolutely spectacular.

A yacht design company in the UK came up with a new concept for luxury yachts which is truly mind-blowing. The idea behind this is to build a floating island; complete with everything a tropical island would have (and I mean everything), right on the yacht itself. According to Design Swan, “With four VIP guest suites and a fascinating owner’s suite built into the volcano, the yacht is equipped with high-end features like a cinema, library, game room, gym and sauna. The waterfall can quite clearly been seen running from the volcano and feeding into the swimming pool.” Wow. At the moment, this is only a design concept. You can learn more at Yacht Island Design Concepts.

Luxury Boat Concept Design

Luxury Boat Concept Design

Luxury Boat Concept Design

Luxury Boat Conept Design